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Sander Kleinenberg

Sander Kleinenberg

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Whether it’s producing content, fabricating fresh ideas or DJ’ing, Sander Kleinenberg has been building

credibility on all fronts for over two decades. With twenty years of experience behind him he has

established himself as an advocate for progress and most of all: a pivotal player on the frontier of DJ

culture. Often mentioned when talking about the first wave of superstar DJs, Sander brought a mixture of

genres and styles to the table like never seen before. Sander’s eclectic persona and capability to always be

two steps ahead of the pack, has resulted in him being an award-winning DJ, producer and


Lately, he has been busy diversifying his talents by creating a new alternative pop act with a few of his most

trusted musical partners. Besides playing his role in music, Sander helps build the social media powerhouse

that is Queen Of Jetlags. By utilizing their passion for fashion, art & photography, longtime partners Noor

and Sander started capturing what was initially moments on the road, and along the way became the brand

that is Queen Of Jetlags. Now, they are working for and with international clients like Louis Vuitton, H&M,

Dior and Tommy Hilfiger.

2019 will mark a year of rejuvenation for Sander Kleinenberg, as he prepares for new personal material on

Spinnin’ Records, continuing his residency at New York’s finest club House Of Yes and touring the world

on selective dates. Representing twenty years of popular culture he continues to bring levity and fun to

dance floors, streaming channels and on your favorite social media accounts.





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